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We admire those that write and keep their blogs up-to-date and admit we ourselves are slow at it...  Still, here are a few links to articles we have written, were mentioned or featured in. 


Book: Auszeit Storys || Wenn nicht jetzt... || Feature

December 09, 2017

While on the road we met Ramona and Uli who are touring Europe in a mobile home. They asked if we could contribute our story to their book "Auszeit Storys" and we did. 


Many version (but all of them in German) are available of this book - 11 different stories of varying kinds of people taking time off and travelling. 

Podcast: Reisen mit Hund || Life of Balu || Feature

January 16, 2018

We met Mogli and his LT Balu in Finland. When he started his new podcast series we were very excited to be asked to join in on one episode about "How to travel with dogs". 


Anna did a (mightly long) interview and also wrote a guest article for Mogli's blog 'Life of Balu'. 


This link takes you to the article as well as the podcast session.

Blog Feature: Unterwegs mit Olga

December 21, 2017

Christin and Phil toured almost the same route as we did - with their 4 dogs and a firetruck. We met more than once while spending the winter in Greece. Here is an article about one of their visits, with a mention of us as well as some pictures of two big, red firetrucks in one tiny Greek village.

Newspaper Article: Allgemeine Zeitung

May 29, 2017

Before leaving Germany we spent time at home with parents and friends. Wanting to give others the opportunity to meet us and the Bombero truck, we collaborated with the local newspaper. The result is this nice article about our travel plans in Anna's hometown local newspaper called 'Allgemeine Zeitung'.

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