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Find out more about the Bombero Crew and how to contact us.

The Bombero Crew consists of Anna (37), Sebastian (35) and Lotta (4), a mixed breed dog from the Berlin animal shelter.
While Anna has always enjoyed travelling, Sebastian has always enjoyed fixing and riding classic cars. It, therefore, was a rather natural progression that a union of both of them...lead to travelling through Europe in a classic truck. 
In 2016 they purchased a 29-year-old firetruck from the city of Bad Oeyenhausen (Germany). After about a year of hard work, much deliberation, planning and steep learning curves, the Crew rolled out of Berlin in May of 2017.
The challenge of moving out of an apartment and into a truck was made easy by the lovingly converted truck - the Bombero (in Spanish 'bombero/bomberos' means 'firemen' and hence we thought it was a very suitable name).
The 1987 LF16 (Löschfahrzeug 16 | fire engine 16) is a Mercedes 1113 with an OM 353 motor. It came fresh out of the fire department's garage with a mere 28.000km on the speedo....Score!
With the help of family and friends the truck was converted into the home on wheels it is now. Since June 2017 we have been to the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece.
For questions regarding our truck, collaborations, meet-ups, interviews, tips and recommendations, we are happily available! 
Warum schreiben wir unsere Texte auf Englisch?
Neben Freunden, die auf der gesamten Welt verteilt sind, treffen wir auf unserer Reise viele Menschen, die kein Deutsch sprechen. Um all diesen Kontakten und Interessierten die Möglichkeit zu geben uns zu folgen, kommunzieren wir in englischer Sprache.
Anfragen beantworten wir natürlich gerne auch jeder Zeit in unserer Muttersprache. 

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Anna & Sebastian & Lotta